Refreshed Common App Homepage

Later this week, we will be rolling out a refreshed landing page. The application system itself is not changing. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see on the landing page, and tips for finding the tools you’ve come to rely on:

New Log In Location
The log in button for all users will be in the upper right of the home page. Simply click the link, select who you are (Student or Recommender), and proceed to the log in page. You can also bookmark the direct log in links and begin using them today: or


Dedicated Parent and Counselor Pages
We’re here to support you as you support your students and families. To that end, we’ve assembled essential resources like the Application Requirements Grid, and advice on talking to students about college.


Enhanced College Search
A search for individual colleges will return descriptive and visually captivating results, along with a button for adding each college directly to the My Colleges list.


Accessible, Encouraging Resources
Applying to college is a transaction. Preparing for it is an educational journey. Using the organizing concepts of Learn, Explore, Grow, Focus, and Apply, the site guides students along the path of college readiness, from how to plan, to how to pay, to why a student should consider going to college in the first place.


What’s (app)ening
A refreshed Common App blog will bring you news, tips, and timely updates so you have the information you need to advise your students.


The Virtual Counselor
A school counselor recently received this advice from his principal: “As long as our students are well-served, serve as many students as you can.” The Virtual Counselor is your chance to share your knowledge and expertise with students and parents who may not have ready access to reliable guidance. We hope you’ll join us in this critical partnership.