Recommendation Requirement Changes

Starting with the 2015-2016 application year, we are expanding the options for submitting counselor letters of recommendation. This change will have no impact on teacher evaluations. Here is what you and your students can expect next year with respect to counselor recommendation requirements and the submission process:

    1. Member colleges can choose to require or not require a counselor letter of recommendation.
    2. These requirements will be reflected in multiple places within the application and recommendation systems.
    3. The letter of recommendation will be removed from the School Report and incorporated into a new Counselor Recommendation form that will be submitted separately.
    4. Counselors will always have the option to send a recommendation to a college.
    5. The Common App Recommendation System will remain a one-and-done process. Once a counselor submits any school form–including the School Report and the new Counselor Recommendation–that form will be made available to the student’s college as soon as the student submits the application to that college.

In addition to supporting the needs of our Member colleges and universities, these changes also allow us to respond to a request from counselors that the letter of recommendation be a separate submission from the School Report. We hope this new process will help you better support your students and the unique requirements of the colleges to which they are applying.

We are currently developing training resources on this new process and will share them with before the start of the new school year.

Many thanks to all of the counselors who offered their suggestions and guidance throughout this process.

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