Application Preview Function

In the coming year, applicants will be able to Preview the completed portions of their application, screen by screen, at any point in time, not just as part of the submission process.

The new “Preview” button will be located on each page, just to the left of the Instructions & Help Center header. In the example below, the applicant is on the Profile screen.



Clicking Preview from here will generate a printable view of the completed sections of the Profile screen. In this example, the applicant has entered information into the following sections of the Profile screen: Personal Information, Contact Details, Demographics, and Language.These completed sections appear in the Preview:

To Preview and print a different screen (Family, Education, Testing, Activities or Writing),  the applicant would navigate to that screen and click the Preview button from there. If the applicant has not yet entered any information into a particular section, that section will appear blank on the Preview.

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