College Fairs


With fall in full swing, college admission counselors are criss-crossing the country to introduce students to their institutions. One way they do this is by participating in college fairs. A college fair gives you an opportunity to chat one-on-one with admission officers from colleges across the [...]

Tips For New College Counselors and Online Recommenders


Perhaps you are new to college counseling, new to the Common App or just new to being an online recommender for The Common Application. In any case, you probably have questions about how to get started and your next steps to help your students.  Here are a few tips that will help you in your work [...]

Writing a Strong Letter of Recommendation


Effective teacher recommendations can play a critical role in the admission process. Teachers provide insights about students such as their strengths and potential for success. A well-written teacher recommendation can make a student come alive!  As you write your letters, or provide guidance to [...]
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