How to Ace the Admission Interview


For most admissions counselors, interacting with students who are interested in their college is a high point in their day. Being able to meet students who are considering the school that they represent is rewarding and provides the counselor with a chance to help guide students in their college [...]

Counselor Planning and Programming


This is an ideal time to begin planning your programs for next semester. Your sophomores and juniors (and their parents) will appreciate the opportunity to learn about colleges, the college admissions process, or any other topic that you pick for your school. Here are the top 5 ideas for spring [...]

Thankful for your Contributions


In this holiday week, we want to pause and thank you for the countless hours you have devoted to your students. The college application and admissions process is stressful for everyone. Often, the time and effort put in by counselors goes unrecognized and under-appreciated. We know that the 3.7 [...]
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